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MMLL Little League Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Registration –

How do I know what league age my child is?
League age is determined by your son or daughters age using the Little League Baseball & Softball age charts. Age charts can be found on the MMLL website in the Rules and information tabs for baseball and softball

Why do I have to provide a copy of my child’s birth certificate at their first registration?

The League needs to verify the age of your child for eligibility purposes and to ensure that they are put into the age appropriate league.

Do I need to provide a copy of my child’s birth certificate every year?

No, only the first year of registration for that particular player. We encourage you to use the on-line registration system to register players after their first year.

Can I register a new player on-line?

Yes, However new players must provide a copy of their birth certificate in order to complete registration.

Why is registration held so early?  Baseball does not start until the Spring?

We hold registration during November/December to ensure that we can order uniforms in a timely fashion. Typically it takes two months to get the uniforms ordered. In order to have Sponsor names printed on the back of the shirts, and players matched to their sponsors, teams need to be created by the end of January. Late registrations cause larger teams or players to be wait listed. MMLL wishes to avoid this at all costs.

I am having financial hardship and cannot afford to pay the registration fees.

Please contact the League President. MMLL will not deny a child the chance to play because of hardship.

Can I register on-line and pay by CREDIT CARD?

Yes, you can pay by credit card using the on-line system. Payments must be made promptly before the late registration date or the registration will be considered late and subject to a late fee. Players will not be placed on teams until the registration is paid in full. Late registrations are subject to wait listing.

Why is there a late registration fee?

Late fees are collected to offset the costs of expediting new player uniforms for late registrants and to encourage timely registration.

I am new to town and did not know about registration, do I pay a late fee?

No, new players to the league do not pay a late fee. Wait listing guidelines still apply.

I filled out CORI information last year. Do I have to do it this year if I want to volunteer?
Yes, CORI information is required every year. You will not be allowed to volunteer without submitting the required paperwork
My son/daughter is a terrific player for a 6 year old and hits like David Ortiz. Can I register him/her for a more advanced league?

No, Little League Baseball & Softball rules prohibit this activity and MMLL monitors this closely. Young players should play with players their own age. Competition will come along soon enough.
Why is there a registration wait list for Little league?
Wait listing occurs when the number of available players exceeds the number of teams. This happens when not enough parents volunteer to manage a team or the sign up happens after the teams have been created. Players on the wait list can be added to teams if another parent takes a team or a player quits or is injured during the season

Teams are chosen by the respective coaches and managers in an order decided by the League Agent. MMLL strives to ensure balanced teams in the interest of fair play and the respective League Agents reserve the right to make adjustments to balance teams.

Once drafted into major League Baseball does my child stay on the same team?
Yes, they stay on the same team until they leave the Majors.
When are the drafts held?
The drafts typically occur in the first week of February.
When does the season start?

League play typically starts the week after April School vacation. Team practices start at the coach’s discretion, but typically around April 1st.

It is Mid-March and I have not heard what team my child is on. What should I do?
Contact the Player agent for that particular league. Their contact information is listed on the web site under “contacts”. Rookie Baseball, Farm Baseball, Pre-Rookie Softball and Rookie Softball parents please wait until April as we deal with many new players here and teams are not usually finalized until then.
What does a typical schedule look like for my childs age group?
If the schedules are not posted yet, you can go look at a schedule from last year. On the top of the home page click Team schedules and rosters, and then last years season, then the league, and age group and then on the left side click schedule to see a sample
I want my child to be placed on a team with a neighbor. Can I make that request?

Yes, in the younger age groups we will try to accommodate these requests. Please note on your registration form the player you want to be partnered with. For Minor, Major, Junior League Baseball, Junior League Softball, & Senior League Softball , players are drafted to ensure a balanced League.

What equipment do I need to have for Little league?
All Uniforms are provided by MMLL. Each player needs to have their own glove and should have rubber cleats. (Juniors and above can wear metal cleats). Bats are not  provided by MMLL, their is one bat per team, but  you should consider purchasing one or sharing with another player. Protective cups must be worn by all baseball catchers. 
What size bat is best for my child?
Your child should be able to hold their bat straight out from their body using one arm and should be able to hold it there for 10 seconds. If not, it is too heavy. The bat should not be too long, typically 25-27 inches for ages 5 & 6, 26-28 inches for ages 7 & 8, and 28-31 inches for ages 9-12. Weight should be 20 ounces or less for Little league through majors.